Say “cheese”, cheese

Say “cheese”, cheese


Food—SocialNow that social media and smart phones have put good quality photography and an ever-growing audience in the hands of the masses, everyone’s a food photographer.

People taking pictures of their food and posting them on social media—like sushi (highly photogenic), you either love it or you hate it. Personally, I like seeing what my friends are up to; what they are finding and cooking, and what they have to say about what’s on the menu and in the markets. I especially enjoy (as I did last week) seeing friends in Manhattan and San Francisco raving about and photographing “Hog Island Oysters” (along with the per-piece price—yikes!)

It must be a foodie thing—I hear an equal measure of grumbling from the other side, people who are not at all interested in looking at the contents of their friends’ plates. I have even seen one particularly disgruntled friend threaten to photograph and post the alpha and omega of his digestive process, if he sees another image of a fully-laden dish.

I get that too. Ultimately, anything you do on social media is a study in narcissism. Here’s how many miles I ran on Nike+. Here’s the new paint color in my bedroom. Here are my beautiful children/dogs/flowers. Posting pictures of your dinner is like that, and then some. Your good (you imagine) taste is on display, along with either your cooking skills or your disposable income. Sometimes both at once.

That said, it’s a trend that’s here to stay, and there are some apps out there that will help you make the most of it. Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are too obvious to warrant more than this mention. Here are the runners-up:

• Foodspotting • This app lets you find, tag, and rate dishes—not just the restaurant where you find them. We all have them: that menu item that keeps you coming back for more, that you can’t get away from. Secrets this good should be shared.

• Evernote Food • Whether you are baking cookies with your grandmother or mortgaging your home for dinner at The French Laundry, some eating moments deserve to be preserved. This app that lets you collect, record, and share food memories truly does it all.

• SnapDish • SnapDish is a “food camera” that allows you to take a picture and enhance it before sharing to make it look even better. It’s like photoshop, for food. Because sometimes “looking” delicious is enough.