Rhody Fresh ‘Butterkase Cheese’ on local grocery shelves

Rhody Fresh ‘Butterkase Cheese’ on local grocery shelves


Food—rhodyfresh_butterkaseSuccess of ‘buy local movement’ reflected in expansion of Rhody Fresh product line.

Butterkase Cheese, the newest Rhody Fresh product, can now be found in supermarkets and neighborhood food stores across the region, including Clements’ Market in Portsmouth, all local Stop & Shop locations, and Lee’s Supermarket in Westport.
Made with milk sources from the Rhody Fresh co-op dairy farms, Butterkase is processed, aged and packed by Providence’s Narragansett Creamery.
The ever-growing ‘buy local’ food trend is yielding tangible results in our area. According to U.S. Census of Agriculture reports, the last decade saw an increase in the number of Rhode Island farms from about 850 to more than 1,200: a better than 40 percent increase.
In fact, Rhode Island saw the biggest increase in farms among any New England state, an impressive result that is fully ten times the national average.
Rhody Fresh products are produced by the Rhode Island Dairy Farms Cooperative, an eight-farm dairy co-op, formed by five charter members in 2004, to support, promote, and preserve Rhode Island’s dairy farms and the open space they occupy. The cooperative includes Escobar Farm in Portsmouth.
According to Jim Hines, Executive Director of Rhody Fresh, “Butterkase cheese is an example of how farm-to-table using terrific RI-grown products can really work,” said Rhody Fresh Executive Director Jim Hines. “You’re getting fresh local farm products and the comfort of knowing where your food is coming from.”
Butterkase Chaeese was made possible in part thanks to the efforts of Senator Jack Reed, whose office helped secure federal funds from the Department of Agriculture to market the cheese in an effort to increase co-op member milk utilization.
It’s good policy—but is it good tasting? The answer to that is a big “yes,”—the cheese was recently awarded a bronze medal at the Big E Gold Medal Cheese Competition in West Springfield, Massachusetts.
According to Rhody Fresh, “this semi-soft German ‘Damen Kase’ or ‘Ladies Cheese’ is known for it mild flavor and versatility. It is a natural rind cheese that sometimes contains small eyes in the curd, and its initial acetic tang is followed by a deep savory buttery flavor that explodes at the back of the palate. You can serve it as a simple table cheese for snacking or in recipes such as fondue or pizza. Best enjoyed at room temperature, it melts smoothly and evenly.”