Common Fence Music Presents Acclaimed Pop Songwriter and Guitarist Michael Johnson


C—Spotlight—MichaelJohnsonMichael Johnson has performed and lived more music and recorded more hits than you would imagine. His voice immediately identifies him as the man who sings “Bluer Than Blue,” “Give Me Wings,” “That’s That,” and other landmark songs. His music shows a diversity, depth and heart that only come from years of dedication to a labor of love. When asked what he would have you know about himself, Michael says: “Tell them that I love it.” He started playing at age thirteen and just never quit. Singing, playing, writing and recording are the only things he’s ever done and he loves it. What one remembers of Michael is the texture of his voice, the meaning of the lyric and the music of the guitar—singer, song and sound. And the feeling of being at home with a friend.

WHERE: Common Fence Music, 933 Anthony Road, Portsmouth
WHEN: April 6 at 8 p.m., doors open at 7
COST: $20 in advance and $23 at the door
MORE INFO: 401/683-5085;


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