Coffee talk Sunday night at the Depot

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Ever wonder what goes into a good cup of coffee (besides cream, sugar or nothing, for minimalists?) Find out Sunday night, when Barrington resident Carl Cervone gives a talk on the science, politics and economics of coffee production from Ethiopia. The talk runs from 5 to 6 p.m. at the Coffee Depot, 501 Main Street. For five years, Mr. Cervone, a 2000 Barrington High School graduate, has been working with farmers in Ethiopia to improve the quality of their beans and bring them to the world market. His work is part of an initiative to double the income of small coffee farmers across East Africa. Coffee, it turns out, is family affair. Mr. Cervone’s mother, Barbara Cervone, edited the book “In Our Village: Boto, Ethiopia Through the Eyes of Its Youth; stories and photos from a coffee-growing region.” For more information on Sunday’s free talk, call 247-7665.