Buzzards Bay Coalition unveils ‘Habitat’ eelgrass art exhibit

Buzzards Bay Coalition unveils ‘Habitat’ eelgrass art exhibit


An outdoor public art installation came to life in New Bedford last week as the Buzzards Bay Coalition unveiled Habitat, a celebration of clean water. Designed by local artist John Magnan and sponsored by the Bay Coalition, Habitat consists of seven steel and masonry representations of eelgrass, standing 12 feet tall and creating the illusion of an underwater meadow.

Eelgrass, the Coalition said, is essential to life above and below Buzzards Bay, providing habitat for fish, crabs, birds, bay scallops and more. “But Buzzards Bay’s eelgrass is disappearing. The culprit is nitrogen, an invisible pollutant that seeps from homes, lawns, farms and roads into local waterways.”

“I’m honored to be given this opportunity to partner with the Bay Coalition to create another art installation,” said artist Magnan. “What we have created highlights the importance of their mission while adding to the quality of life in New Bedford. Habitat is plainly visible to everyone driving Route 18 or using the new, welcoming pathways along Front Street.”