The Aurea Ensemble marries Roger Williams’ words; classical music

Nigal GoreChris TurnerChuck

Nigal Gore Chris Turner ChuckThe Aurea Ensemble (l-r  Charles Sherba, Niles Gore, Consuelo Sherba, and Chris Turner) will present the program “New and Dangerous Opinions of Roger Williams,” which fuses writings of Roger Williams and Native American poetry, underscored by music of Handel, Orlando di Lasso, Rhode Island’s own Chris Turner, and John Milton (whose son, the famous poet of the same name, was a friend and philosophical inspiration to Roger Williams.) This lively program, set in the dramatic political and philosophical fray of colonial Rhode Island, introduces audiences to the strong-minded iconoclast, Roger Williams and his deep respect for Native American culture.
WHERE: Touro Synagogue, 85 Touro St., Newport
WHEN: 5 p.m.; Sunday, August 25.
COST: $20
MORE INFO:; 401/846-2125.


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