Tech tips: apps for health and wellness

Tech tips: apps for health and wellness


It takes effort to stay in shape and eat right, but smartphone apps like these can make maintaining a healthy lifestyle just a little bit easier.

•    Eating healthy doesn’t mean that you must forgo trips to your favorite local restaurant. With the free HealthyOut app, IOS users can look up the nutritional value of their dish of choice before they place their order. It is also available for Android users.

•    Everyone needs to relax a little. If you are an Android user, consider installing the free Relaxing Spa Music app to help you unwind. IOS users should check out the Relaxing Sounds of Nature Lite app.

•    Did you just learn that you are expecting? There are apps that can help you throughout your pregnancy. Pregnancy Wellness is a free app for Android users that provides tips on what to eat, how to exercise, and how to manage morning sickness. IOS users could download Pregnancy Health for more support.

•    Try the free Kids’ Wellness Tracker to help your child stay healthy. Both IOS and Android users can get the app. It helps track statistics like your child’s height and weight. It also enables you to keep track of their vaccines and medicines. There’s even a dosage calculator for certain over-the-counter medications.

•    Having trouble sleeping? Download the SnoreClock app, and you might be able to find out why. It is available for free for Android users. IOS users can purchase the app for $2.99.

•    If it’s hard for you to keep track of your gym workouts, Android users could download the free FitNotes-Gym Workout Log app. IOS users can try a similar free app called Gym Hero.

•    Cardio is important, and IOS and Android users may be interested in a few quick cardio workouts that can be done at home. The Daily Cardio Workout app is free, and it features two different 5- to 10-minute cardio workouts. Videos are available to help you do the workouts properly.

Maintaining health and wellness can be a challenge, but technology can make it easier — and a lot more fun.

Mark Corpus is AT&T’s Rhode Island Retail Sales Manager.