Pelican ProGear Backpacks and cases offer the perfect protection for your laptop...

Pelican ProGear Backpacks and cases offer the perfect protection for your laptop and gear

Pelican ProGear Backpacks
Pelican ProGear Backpacks
Our young explorer has everything he needs in his Pelican ProGear Sports backpack. iPad, juice boxes, snacks, BandAids, and a change of clothes all fit comfortably. The ergonomically designed back padding makes the pack sit comfortably on any sized person.

Pelican ProGear has been producing quality, rugged flashlights, cases and packs for use by the military, law enforcement and the entertainment industry (to name a few) since 1975. The rugged protective equipment has been used on scientific exhibition, to protect delicate equipment for photo shoots and transport tools and equipment into combat zones.

Now you can protect your laptop or tablet while traversing the great outdoors or urban jungle.

Cases done right

Pelican has created cases and quality packs specifically designed to protect your laptop or tablet while you are exploring the world. Both the Ultrabook (tablet) and Laptop Cases are made of a hard crush-resistant material. The cases are watertight with a pressure relief valve to prevent vacuum lock. A foam bumper or molded insert (depending on model) will keep your device from shift while the case gets thrown around. The cases also come with rubber feet and shoulder strap which makes transporting and storage a breeze.

I’ve done a lot of testing with the cases durability. I received two packs which included cases and used them for testing. While I didn’t drive a car over the cases/packs, I did drop them, jumped on them, kicked them, and just abused them. My iPad thankfully was unharmed. Pelican boasts that the cases have been tested to a 3 foot submersion for 30 minutes and I wanted to test this. I filled the bath tub and submerged the case for 30 minutes. The contents stayed completely dry with no leaks. These cases stood up to the abuse.

The perfect backpacks

Pelican ProGear BackpacksPelican ProGear Sport and Urban Laptop Backpacks are made of ballistic nylon and are constructed to be extremely rugged yet very comfortable to wear. An ergonomic design makes the pack sit comfortably on your back. Vented back channels also help to keep your back cooler and reduce perspiration. Elite version also sports a padded design with a padded lumbar storage cavity which adds more storage and comfort.

Both types and styles offers tons of storage for the hiker or urban dweller. Depending on the model and style, you will either have a crush-proof case or protective pocket/sleeve for your laptop or tablet. There are also a plethora of pockets to carry all your gear or business supplies. Besides having a spot for your laptop or tablet, there is also a main compartment for whatever else you may need to carry with you.

When you read “made of ballistic nylon”, it doesn’t mean that you will be protected against small arms. Though, the thought of bringing to a gun range and unloading on it is pretty cool. This nylon is very rugged material that will stand up to the wear-and-tear of extreme use. These packs are constructed extremely well with extra stitching and quality material.

I was very impressed with the quality of these packs. I particularly like the Urban Elite Tablet Backpack as it looked stylish yet functional for the urban dweller. You won’t get any looks while on the way to work. The crush-proof case is integrated into the main construction of the pack and gives great protection for your device. You don’t have to worry about dropping it or having someone kick it while its on the ground. Beside the watertight/crush-proof case, there is tons of storage and concealed compartments. Everything can fit in one pack that sits very comfortably on your back.

I also do a lot of hiking with my son and the Pelican ProGear Sport backpack is a great choice for any outdoorsman. Its the best pack that I have ever used and one of the most comfortable. Again, tons of storage means you can carry all your gear in one pack. The watertight/crush-proof case in the Elite version can also be used to store anything that you need to stay safe and dry. I don’t always take a tablet or my laptop on hikes so I utilize the case for matches, bandages and my iPhone.

The final verdict

Whether you are an avid hiker or someone needing to carry your laptop to and from work, the Pelican ProGear backpacks and cases are the perfect solution. Watertight & crush-proof cases ensures that your device will never get damaged while your on the run. Quality materials and cutting-edge design make these the best packs available.

If the military trusts their equipment with Pelican, then you should too.

Pelican ProGear Backpacks and cases

Score: 10 out of 10
Our Take: Quality materials and cutting-edge design make these the best packs available. Prefect protection for your laptop or tablet while you are on the go.
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