Like everything else, your devices need a spring cleaning

Like everything else, your devices need a spring cleaning


As you say goodbye to winter and hello to the sun and warmer weather, here are a few tips on how to spring clean your gadgets:

•    Clean your gadgets regularly. But before you wipe your device, unplug it and power it down. Avoid alcohol-based cleaners and abrasive cloths or paper towels. Also, don’t spray a cleaner directly on your device. Instead, spray it on a soft cloth and then wipe down the front and back of your device.

•    Once your device is powered back on, you should tidy up your email account and your photo and video galleries. Delete the emails and images you don’t need. This frees up space on your device, and it’ll keep you organized.

•    You should also go through any apps that you’ve downloaded. Get rid of the ones that you never use.

•    Now, back up the files you do want to keep. You don’t want to lose any important emails or photos. Use a cloud service, such as iCloud for Apple users. It is important to save your files in a central location  that you will be able to access, even if there is a problem with your device.

•    If you vow to really keep yourself and your devices organized this spring, consider downloading the free Evernote app, which is available for both IOS and Android users. This app keeps all of your documents and pictures organized across all of your electronic devices. There’s even a way you can record voice and audio notes and create to-do lists.

Got some old smartphones lying around? Consider bringing them to a community e-waste drive or recycle through AT&T’s Trade-In Program.

Spring is your chance to start fresh – and keeping your smartphones and tablets clean and organized is a great way to start off your spring cleaning.

Mark Corpus is AT&T’s Rhode Island Retail Sales Manager.