Give your mobile device support and comfort with iProp

Give your mobile device support and comfort with iProp


20010-9“The iProp works wonderfully on hard flat surfaces, but where this stand really shines is on the bed, the sofa, or any other uneven or soft surface.”

So, this is how DOCKEM describes the iProp. The ultimate stand for your mobile device. But when I first pulled it from the shipping box, I thought, “This is it?” It’s a little pillow with a stand on the front. But as I started to use this marvel of modern technology, I fell in love with it.

Its a very simple design, but designed extremely well. The iProp is a silicone stand attached to a mesh bag with four metal snaps. A firm yet moveable beanbag is zipped securely in the bag offering a stable platform on any surface. The silicone stand also gives a slip-free foundation for your device.

I’ve been using this thing everywhere and with many types of mobile devices. The couch armrest, my leg, laying in bed, the recliner armrest, table, in the car, next to grill, on my son’s head (as a joke while he was watching cartoons.) No matter where, iProp does what DOCKEM says it does. The beanbag conforms to the surface it is sitting on, regardless of position. The silicone part of the stand helps to give a slip-free surface for your device in most normal positions.

Again, I have to go back to the design of the iProp. I love that the beanbag is removable. If it gets dirty, the beanbag can be removed and the silicone stand unsnapped. The mesh bag can be machine-washed, which is a great feature. Some of my son’s OJ mysteriously made its way onto the iProp, and a little wash was all it needed. The silicone part of the stand can also be quickly cleaned with a disinfectant wipe or damp cloth.

The mesh bag also allows for some storage space. Earbuds, sync cord and a car charger can all be tucked away, which really helps keep all those important cords together when traveling. DOCKEM touts the “pillow” feature of the iProp for travelers, to which my son can testify. He flipped the iProp around and used it as a pillow while on a road trip—and claimed it was very comfortable.

What can’t this thing do?

iProp really is a great stand that shines when you are away from a desk. It worked extremely well with my iPad, iPhone; even my Macbook. I’m sure that any tablet or mobile device will fit. The removable beanbag and washable outer mesh bag makes it easy to clean and store your tech stuff in. I find myself using iProp all the time. At $30, iProp is relatively affordable, but may feel like an indulgence for some buyers.

Score: 9 out of 10
Our Take: Great design, high-quality product that fits all mobile devices. Works on a variety of surfaces, in different positions. Can double as a storage bin, and is machine washable. Price may be a concern for some.
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