Nashville songwriter at Barrington Books on Saturday


N—PhilMadeira1Award-winning musician and songwriter (and Barrington native) Phil Madeira, who has collaborated with major recording artists like Elvis Costello, Garth Brooks and Toby Keith, and is currently a member of Emmylou Harris’ band The Red Dirt Boys, will be coming to Barrington Books from 1-3 p.m. Saturday to promote “God on the Rocks: Distilling Religion, Savoring Faith.”
In “God on the Rocks,” Madeira’s first book, he shares personal, emotional and sometimes devastating stories about his search for God. “I prefer the filtered version of God’s voice, as I do my whisky,” writes Madeira. “Let the message age a while in a warm oak cask. My ears, worn down by the blues, smoothed by the rough edges of angular voices, listen with acquired wisdom, and a need to listen twice before interpreting.”
An evangelical by birth, Madeira’s eclectic career in Americana music led him to experience many different faith and religion practices, never finding what he was looking for. “Over the years, the search for God’s presence led me in and out of a variety of traditions, from incense burners to barn burners, liturgists to improvisers,” he writes. “In contract to conventional church wisdom, the more active I became in one group or another, the less connected to Christ I felt.”
N—PhilMadeira2His talent for evocative lyricism translates well to the page, illustrating the faith journey we all share with tender and raw stories about family, a failing marriage and a surprising new love.
Rather than finding God in religion, Madeira sees God in his everyday life—music, relationships, love and family. An encouragement to those searching for God, Madeira helps readers find God in life’s ordinary experiences, assuring them religion is not the key to knowing and experiencing God.


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