‘Golda’s Balcony’ at the Bristol Statehouse


C—Spotlight—GoldaSandraLaubWilliam Gibson’s one-woman tour de force gives us great insight into a personal and public life that made Golda Meir a legendary world leader. It’s a dramatic look at idealism, power, and the strength it took to shape the destiny of a nation. Directed by Bryna Wortman, featuring Sandra Laub as Golda Meir, and produced by 2nd Story Theatre, this special event is presented to commemorate the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht.
WHERE: The Courtroom at The Bristol Statehouse, 240 High St., Bristol.
WHEN: November 8-December 8.
COST: $30.
MORE INFO: 401/247-4200; 2ndstorytheatre.com.


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