‘Ghosts of Newport’ opening


C—Spotlight—GhostsofNewportBlink Gallery will host a special exhibition of Neal Sheldon Salisbury’s “Ghosts of Newport” series; a labor of love for Salisbury since 2012 when he began shooting Newport women in identifiable Newport landmarks and locations. “This is more of bucolic way to look at the history of the island,” Salisbury says. “When I look at these, it reminds me that so many before us have come to swim and sail and fall in love here. We sleep in the same rooms, drink and dine in the same buildings and walk the same cobblestones.”

WHERE: Blink Gallery, 140 Spring St., Newport
WHEN: Thursday, May 22; 7 to 10 p.m.
COST: Free
MORE INFO: 401/619-3717



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