Film — The best from Buzzards Bay

Film — The best from Buzzards Bay


The Buzzards Bay Film Festival announce the winners of the Jury and Audience Awards for the 2012 Festival.

“The festival presented two features and 19 short films and compilations by 30 filmmakers and video artists.  The quality of the work was outstanding, and the audience response was overwhelming,” said Festival Director Tom Gidwitz.“During the three days of the festival, we sold over 1,200 tickets in New Bedford and Falmouth, bringing a whole new audience to the work of filmmakers from around Buzzards Bay.”

Film Festival Jury Award: Best Feature to Fairhaven. (Director, Screenwriter: Tom O’Brien). Three high school buddies, now in their mid-thirties, reunite and struggle with their hopes, dreams, and the direction of their lives.

Film Festival Jury Award: Best Short Film to Patrimony (Director, Screenwriter: Donald Marcus) Patrimony focuses on a critical moment in the relationship between an elderly man and his daughter-in-law following the unexpected death of his son/her husband. 

Film Festival Jury Award: Best Documentary to Into the Gyre (Director: Scott Elliott). Thirty-three scientists and sailors collect, count, and archive plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Gyre during a five-week journey to the Sargasso Sea. On board a 135-foot tall ship operated by Falmouth’s Sea Education Association, the film follows the research and examines the history of plastic, its adverse ocean impacts, and possible solutions to this problem. 

Film Festival Jury Award: Best Film by a University Student to Pentimento (Director, Editor: Leni Stoeva). A meditation on the hidden gestures that bring a work of art to life.

Film Festival Jury Award: Best Cellphone Cinema video to The Dock (Director: Sebastian Ebarb).

Film Festival Audience Award: Best Film to Cheating Death (Director: John Whoriskey Jr; Screenwriter: Tommy Whalen). After multiple “incidents” of killing the wrong people, Death must compensate for the loss of life by talking a suicidal man out of killing himself or risk losing his job.

The 2012 festival jurors were Gloria Bailen, Harvey Goldman, Deborah Kovacs, Nan Starr and Curt Worden.

A complete list of Festival films is available at

The Buzzards Bay Film Festival is a celebration of Buzzards Bay and focuses on the bay, its watershed, and the 360,000 people who live in its surrounding towns and cities.

All proceeds from the Festival will be dedicated to the Buzzards Bay Coalitio.