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Mass Effect 3 demo is now available

Mass Effect 3 demo is now available

The Mass Effect 3 demo gives fans access to two single player missions and early access to the sequel’s multiplayer mode. Access to the multiplayer mode Today is only available to owners of the Battlefield 3 online pass. Access to the rest of the community will be available February 17. “The demo begins in dramatic

EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis 2 demo now available

The EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis 2 demo is available today on Xbox LIVE and the PlayStation Network. Start out playing as the world’s number one ranked player*, Novak Djokovic on the Practice Court to develop your shots using Total Racquet Control, and progress to Play Now to experience the rivalry of Djokovic and Rafael

Capcom to publish Sour Patch Kids-based “World Gone Sour” video game

Capcom today announced that it will publish World Gone Sour on Xbox LIVE Arcade, PlayStation Network and PC. Based on the popular Sour Then Sweet candy Sour Patch Kids, the game will take players on a journey from the perspective of a lost piece of candy finding its way to its ultimate destination – the


Trine 2 website launches with 18 new screenshots

ATLUS and Frozenbyte, the respective publisher and developer of the upcoming Trine 2 has launched the official website for the game, complete with a host of new assets and information for the highly anticipated sequel to one of the most successful downloadable games. The official website offers a sampling of the monsters and many environments

Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X on available on XBOX LIVE and Playstation Network

Beginning today, Resident Evil CODE: Veronica X is available for download on PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE Games on Demand. This release denotes the first time that the game will be available in high definition and have support for Trophies and Achievements. 

Three months after the total destruction of Raccoon City, Claire Redfield is still

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