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Olive Allen, 12, was applauded for her comments supporting the computer science teaching position. Photos by Tom Killin Dalglish

Little Compton School Committee votes budget increase; Budget Committee next to act

Little Compton School Committee votes budget increase; Budget Committee next to act

LITTLE COMPTON — Olive Allen is a 12-year-old seventh grader in Wilbur & McMahon School, so when she stood at the podium in a packed Town Hall Friday evening to talk to the Little Compton School Committee about next year’s budget, people listened. “I wanted to say how we spent all this money on 200

From Veterans Field looking southwest over Peckham Lot, top soil is piled front and rear as sites for modular classrooms are being readied for installation of two 70 foot units.

Little Compton modulars in race to Jan. 30 finish line

LITTLE COMPTON — The race is on, against the clock and winter weather, to prepare the Peckham Lot site and install two 70-foot modular classroom buildings for 275 Wilbur & McMahon students during the year (or more) school building renovation project. There’s a Jan. 30 deadline for starting work under the existing construction contract, past

The "old" Wilbur & McMahon School building, over 8o years old, will being to be renovated in January, if the school committee awards a contract on Oct. 30.

Over budget Little Compton project goes to school committee

LITTLE COMPTON — After two months of bidding, rebidding, and review,  the school building committee last Wednesday finally sent its recommendation for a contractor — and the entire over-budget school renovation project — to the school committee to resolve. The school committee won’t meet until Tuesday, Oct. 30. When it does, major issues will be