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Letter: Rehashing past tragedies in Barrington won’t solve problem

To the editor: If the statements Kathy Sullivan made in the “Underage drinking – Barrington residents need to be ‘re-reminded’ of tragedies” are a testament to how she believes substance abuse is prevented, we are in trouble. Substance abuse prevention isn’t about rehashing past tragedies. It is about breaking through denial, acknowledging the facts of

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Barrington teen charged with violating social host law

A week after a 15-year-old Barrington girl downed a large amount of vodka and had to be rushed to a hospital, local police arrested a 19-year-old resident who allegedly gave her the alcohol. On Friday, Aug. 9, police charged William A. Restituyo, of 17 Sweetbriar Road, Barrington, with underage consumption and violating the state’s social

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Barrington resident pleads not guilty to procuring alcohol for minors

Barrington resident Bruce Becker reportedly pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor charge of procuring alcohol for a minor in a court proceeding on Wednesday morning, Aug. 7. Barrington police arrested the Bullock Avenue resident on Tuesday night, July 30, after the 56-year-old man allegedly hosted a large underage drinking party at his home. Mr. Becker

Letter: A solution to teen drinking problem in Barrington

To the editor: It was sad to read the article in the Barrington Times that we had another house party with underage drinking going on. Such drinking events provide a sobering challenge by defiant teenage attitudes about drinking and those such as Kathleen Sullivan of the Bay Team and Chief John LaCross who work tirelessly

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Underage drinking — Barrington residents need to be ‘re-reminded’ of tragedies

Kathy Sullivan couldn’t help but feel frustrated when she heard reports of the recent underage drinking party allegedly hosted by a Barrington dad. The prevention director for the town’s substance abuse task force (BAY Team) said her department has worked hard to educate local young people and their parents about the dangers of underage drinking

Police arrested the owner of 26 Bullock Ave., Bruce Becker, after he allegedly hosted a large underage drinking party on Tuesday night, July 30.

Barrington resident charged with hosting underage drinking party

Barrington police arrested Bullock Avenue resident Bruce M. Becker on Tuesday night, July 30, after the 56-year-old man allegedly hosted a large underage drinking party at his home. Police received a phone call from a neighbor at about 10 p.m. due to loud music coming from the property. The first officer to arrive on scene

It is believed teenagers broke into this Fireside Drive house while the homeowners were away on vacation and used it as a party pad.

Barrington break-ins by partying teens is a recurring problem

Late Sunday night, July 28,  a Fireside Drive family returned home from vacation to find that someone — possibly local teenagers — had been using their house as a party pad while the homeowners were away. The intruders left the home in shambles. Old food covered the kitchen counters, empty alcohol bottles were all over

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Council drops hammer on East Providence businesses caught serving alcohol to minors

EAST PROVIDENCE — The East Providence City Council, as part of a series of show-cause hearings at its Tuesday, July 16, meeting, dropped the hammer on two local establishments in response to them having served alcohol to minors during the most recent under-age drinking sting conducted by the East Providence Police Department and the East