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Second giant in 10 days caught by Rhode Island angler

By   /  September 10, 2012  /  Columns  /  1 Comment

This 763-pound giant bluefin tuna was caught by David Appolonia (bottom right), his second giant bluefin in 10 days on his 26-foot Regulator center console boat. Experienced tuna fisherman Lenny Upham (bottom left) harpooned the fish. What was particularly gratifying for Mr. Appolonia was that his brothers Felix (top left) and Eric (top right) were part of the team.

Fishing for giant bluefin tuna off Rhode Island coastal shores hasn’t exactly been productive for sport fishermen for the past several years. In fact, many have taken to fishing off Cape Cod as bluefin tuna have been more plentiful and larger in that area. But this season, with very few fish around in waters off […]

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