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East Bay pols, residents once again question need for tolls on Sakonnet River Bridge

East Bay pols, residents once again question need for tolls on Sakonnet River Bridge

PROVIDENCE — The Special Legislative Commission on infrastructure heard an overview of the Rhode Island Bridge and Turnpike Authority’s extended operational plans as well as the impassioned testimony of local lawmakers and residents along with the input of a financial expert at the second meeting of the body held Wednesday, Oct. 16, in Room 35

Letter: Citizens helpless against RITBA’s dumb rules

To the editor: Here’s how government can change the neutral citizen into a really peeved citizen. It started with the 18-year-old kid. During the Sakonnet River Bridge toll controversy, I’ve been a passive-lazy user; I already have E-ZPass and don’t travel the Sakonnet very much, anyway. Today I tried adding another transponder, for a new


Letter: It’s not about the dime, folks, it’s the principle when it comes to tolls

To the editor, It’s not the dime folks…..it is the principle of the issue…Three Bridges to get onto the Island….Two have tolls….the economy is miserable enough on the Island…and R.I…..why ruin it even more????? We will just try to avoid the area all together….it is a good thing we really do not have to go

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House, Senate leaders appoint lawmakers to commission to study funding for state bridge maintenance

PROVIDENCE – Speaker of the House Gordon D. Fox and President of the Senate M. Teresa Paiva Weed announced their appointments to the Special Legislative Commission to Study the Funding for Bridges today. Senate members of the commission will include Senate Finance Chairman Daniel Da Ponte (D-Dist. 14, East Providence) and Senators Louis P. DiPalma

The toll tower goes up on the Portsmouth side of the Sakonnet River Bridge recently.

Portsmouth residents complain of bridge noise

PORTSMOUTH — David Gleason’s complaints that the Sakonnet River Bridge work has repeatedly violated the town’s noise ordinance have fallen on deaf ears. The Town Council member lives on Massasoit Avenue, the southernmost street in Common Fence Point and directly parallel to Rte. 24 and the Sakonnet River Bridge. He and neighbors have been besieged