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State Supreme Court agrees to review of East Providence/TLA-Pond View case

State Supreme Court agrees to review of East Providence/TLA-Pond View case

PROVIDENCE — The Rhode Island Supreme Court late Monday afternoon, May 5, issued a writ of certiorari in the case of East Providence vs. the TLA-Pond View recycling plant on Dexter Road, meaning the city and neighbors in opposition to the business live to fight another day. A writ of certiorari is in essence an

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Editorial: East Providence needs to appeal most recent TLA-Pond View/Kenlin Properties court ruling

There’s arguably no more important aspect to the future fiscal fortune and security of the city then what is and will be planned on the East Providence waterfront. The Commission charged with overseeing the area to date has done an admirable job, adding both important tax dollars to the city coffers while also raising the


East Providence Councilman At-Large Capobiano seems to lean against Pond View appeal

EAST PROVIDENCE — Less than 24 hours after the lingering TLA-Pond View/Kenlin Properties saga took another turn, East Providence Councilman At-Large Tracy Capobianco seemed set on her opposition to the city appealing a recent Superior Court ruling in favor of the owners of the controversial recycling plant located on Dexter Road in Rumford. Mrs. Capobianco


East Providence City Council tables next move in TLA-Pond View/Kenlin Properties flap

EAST PROVIDENCE — There was little special about the special session called by the East Providence City Council Tuesday night, Aug. 13, as nothing was decided in regard to the recent ruling by a Superior Court judge in favor on an appeal by the former operators of the TLA-Pond View recycling plant and the owner

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East Providence City Council calls special session to consider Pond View/Foley appeal

EAST PROVIDENCE — The East Providence City Council has called a special session for Tuesday evening, Aug. 13, to consider its response to a recent Superior Court ruling in favor of the TLA-Pond View and 1 Dexter Road property proprietors. The meeting, called by Council President and Mayor James Briden who represents Ward 1 where

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Superior Court judge rules in favor of Pond View appeal in East Providence zoning case

PROVIDENCE — Superior Court Judge Sarah Taft-Carter ruled in favor of TLA-Pond View and Kenlin Properties in their appeal of a 2011 East Providence Zoning Board decision which deemed the operation to be in violation of city guidelines. In the 22-page decision released Monday, Aug. 5, Judge Taft-Carter wrote, “This Court concludes that Appellants’ substantial


East Providence orders TLA-Pond View to stop activities at Dexter Road site

EAST PROVIDENCE — The City of East Providence, through one of its inspectors, issued a cease and desist order for the controversial TLA-Pond View recycling plant located on Dexter Avenue near the expanded waterfront district. The order, penned by Zoning Department inspector Edward Pimentel, reads Pond View “be advised that this offlce has confirmed that


Lynch, Briden spar over Pond View, law tabs in East Providence Ward 1 Council race

EAST PROVIDENCE — The first real salvos of the 2012 General Election locally were lobbed over the last week, and were done so fittingly concerning arguably the most controversial and pressing issue facing one of East Providence’s residential sections. In a wide-ranging and, at points, tersely-worded press release directed at his opponent in the East

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