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Billie R. Schofield

Tiverton man gets no jail time for growing 506 pot plants

Tiverton man gets no jail time for growing 506 pot plants

TIVERTON — A 57-year-old Tiverton man, arrested last year for growing 506 marijuana plants at two addresses he maintained in town, was handed his punishment last Thursday in federal court. Following a guilty plea by the accused to manufacturing, and conspiracy to manufacture, marijuana, U.S. District Court John McConnell sentenced Billie R. Schoefield to three years

A device that looked like this, photographed on a basement workbench in a Middle Avenue home, caused police to evacuate a neighborhood.

Tiverton bomb scare caused by movie-like prank clock

TIVERTON — The bomb scare that emptied a Middle Avenue neighborhood two weeks ago was caused by a prank clock, obtained over the internet, that was made to look like a real bomb. The device  is called a “Defusable Clock.” The website that displays the clock invites readers to, “build a clock that looks seriously dangerous.” That’s

One of three kittens seized from Tiverton home, along with dog, cat, fish, tortoise, skink, and deceased tree frog.

Tiverton woman fined for animal mistreatment

TIVERTON — A Second District Court judge has fined a 32-year old Tiverton woman on multiple charges of mistreating animals and has given her until Jan. 1 to pay a $750 fine. The decision, handed down Oct. 22, goes back to complaints in late August from several neighbors about “potentially abandoned” animals at a residence