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Tiverton police: Car breaks and gunshots

Tiverton police: Car breaks and gunshots

Sunday, Oct. 19 After an accident near Town Farm at 10:22 p.m., Scott J. Cabral, 37, of 58 Tony Street, Tiverton, was charged with driving under the influence and possession of open alcoholic beverages in his car. Police said Mr. Cabral blew almost four times the legal limit. on a breathalyzer test. Friday, Oct. 10


Tiverton police move to upgrade through accreditation

TIVERTON — A long-term transformation of the Tiverton Police Department is underway. It’s called accreditation, and for the town and department it’s a first-time experience. The whole complicated process will conclude about 18-24 months from now, sometime in 2014-2015, said Captain Patrick Jones. The move towards accreditation has been signaled in recent months by the