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Barrington Town Hall, Barrington, Rhode Island

Barrington council approves $4,745 in Spencer funds for Tap-In

Barrington council approves $4,745 in Spencer funds for Tap-In

The Barrington Town Council, sitting as trustees for the Spencer Trust, awarded $4,745 to Tap-In at the Dec. 2 council meeting, but not before putting a particular restriction on the money. Councilor Bill DeWitt requested that the money be used specifically for Barrington residents, and not for the other people aided by the local nonprofit

Volunteer Megan Devries carries food bags for needy families at the East Bay Food Pantry in Bristol.

Food pantries need donations year round

Local emergency food pantries typically receive the highest volume of donations during the holiday season, but low-income families’ need for food continues year round. If you want to donate food to your local emergency food pantry, here are some of the most-needed items, according to the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. Foods six months past

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