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Letter: What is the value of our children?

To the editor: Estimated tax revenue from the proposed sale of recreational marijuana in Rhode Island ranges from $50 to $80 million. For the sake of argument, let’s set the estimate at $65 million. According to data on InfoWorks, the Rhode Island education data reporting system, the Town of Portsmouth has approximately 1,113 children currently

Portsmouth Prevention Coalition graphic shows substance abuse usage among local public school students by grade.

Portsmouth drug task force pleads for $25,000

PORTSMOUTH — The town’s substance abuse task force has identified the problems facing many local students when it comes to drugs and alcohol. According to two comprehensive district-wide surveys conducted in 2013 and 2014, about half the student population is involved in some sort of substance abuse, whether it’s alcohol, marijuana, prescription pills or other drugs.


Survey: Alcohol still drug of choice for Portsmouth youth

PORTSMOUTH — The latest results from a town-wide survey on substance abuse has reinforced something the coordinator of the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition says he already knew: “We’ve got a very serious problem in Portsmouth,” said Ray Davis of the Coalition, a non-profit group focused on substance abuse prevention issues in the town. “I mean the Town

Graphic shows use of various types of substances by grade level.

Survey: Half of Portsmouth High seniors have smoked pot

PORTSMOUTH — The rise of medicinal marijuana centers and the recent decriminalization of the drug were cited as potential reasons Tuesday night for why so many high school students admit to smoking pot in a substance abuse survey presented to the School Committee. According to the report, prepared by John Mattson Consulting for the Portsmouth Prevention