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State Rep. Jan Malik said Massachusetts' lack of a sales tax on alcohol has hurt his business in Warren.

Sales tax under attack

Sales tax under attack

It remains to be seen whether Rhode Island will do away with its 7 percent sales tax, but the conversation is underway. State Rep. Jan Malik, a Democrat who represents Dist. 67 in Warren and Barrington, introduced legislation earlier this month that would eliminate the state’s sales tax as of Oct. 1. The bill also


Barrington Reps. divided on gay marriage

The Rhode Island House of Representatives approved gay marriage legislation Thursday night though Barrington’s Representatives are split on the issue. State Rep. Jan Malik (D-Dist. 67, Warren, Barrington) voted against the proposal. Eighteen other State Reps. joined him. “Marriage pre-dates government,” Rep. Malik said. “It should not be re-defined by law.” Rep. Malik said he

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