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Barrington Town Hall, Barrington, Rhode Island

Barrington council approves $4,745 in Spencer funds for Tap-In

Barrington council approves $4,745 in Spencer funds for Tap-In

The Barrington Town Council, sitting as trustees for the Spencer Trust, awarded $4,745 to Tap-In at the Dec. 2 council meeting, but not before putting a particular restriction on the money. Councilor Bill DeWitt requested that the money be used specifically for Barrington residents, and not for the other people aided by the local nonprofit

Council president June Speakman (center) and councilor Ann Strong (right) will spearhead a subcommittee focused on establishing standards for the Spencer Trust.

Barrington town councilors will spearhead Spencer Trust subcommittee

Barrington Town Council members June Speakman and Ann Strong will work on a subcommittee dedicated to establishing standards, procedures and criteria for the Spencer Trust, which was established years ago to help the “poor and unfortunate” of Barrington. The council sits as trustees for the fund, but recently has been criticized for failing to establish

Barrington Town Hall, Barrington, Rhode Island

Barrington resident: council too busy to manage Spencer trust

The head of the town’s Republican party believes a new group of people should be in charge of overseeing the Spencer Trust. Steve Primiano, who serves as the chairman for the Barrington Republican Town Committee, attended the council’s November and December meetings and discussed the idea of forming a new board of trustees to oversee

Barrington officials used more than $200,000 of Spencer Trust funds as a loan to the developer who built the Walker Farm Lane homes.

How should Barrington spend Spencer Trust funds?

Two volunteers from Tap-In stood before the town council earlier this month and asked for help. The local nonprofit that assists thousands of people across the East Bay was requesting about $4,700 from the Spencer Trust, an account established in 1933 with the intent of helping “the poor and unfortunate” of Barrington. Tap-In officials had