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Karateka 2012 - Brute vs Guard in Walkway

The 8BIT classic Karateka returns in style

The 8BIT classic Karateka returns in style

In the early 1980s, Prince of Persia famed developer Jordan Mechner released his first game Karateka for the Apple II. Karateka was a side-scrolling fighting game where the player took control of an unnamed hero attempting to rescue his beloved Princess Mariko from Akuma’s castle fortress. You must battle your way through Akuma’s guards to


NCsoft’s Hoppin’ Chicken no free on iOS and Android

NCsoft has released a new update for Hoppin’ Chicken. Initially released on the iOS App Store last November as ‘iHop – Getaway Chicken’, the pick-up-and-play title returns with extra gameplay modes, purchasable booster items, and a new name with a new price – FREE. Developed by Korean indie studio ChocobajiApps, Hoppin’ Chicken takes a fresh