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Barrington school board endorses Common Core, 4-1

Barrington school board endorses Common Core, 4-1

About an hour of testimony offered by Scott Fuller did little to sway the four other members of the Barrington School Committee to reconsider their support for the Common Core State Standards. Following a lengthy discussion at its meeting on Thursday night, Jan. 16, the school committee voted 4-1 to approve a resolution affirming support

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Barrington schools aim to balance technology and teaching

Barrington Superintendent of Schools Michael Messore had a notepad on the table in front of him. Next to it was his smart phone and his brand new tablet, and on the wall across from his desk was 40-something-inch flatscreen television that was linked directly with the district’s computer network. Mr. Messore uses his tablet during


Barrington schools hire interns to help with kindergarten

The Barrington School Department recently hired three interns who are already assisting teachers in local kindergarten classrooms. Barrington Superintendent of Schools Mike Messore said the new hires are a testament to a promise that he made last spring. During last year’s budget talks, a number of local parents had requested the implementation of a full-day


East Providence schools celebrate annual ‘Townie Pride’ parade

EAST PROVIDENCE — As they have done for the last several falls on a football Friday night, East Providence school administrators, students, parents, teachers and politicians showed their enthusiasm by taking part in the annual “Townie Pride” parade prior to the locals’ gridiron game against Tolman, Oct. 25, at Pierce Memorial Stadium. East Providence Post

The White Church Bridge was closed to traffic on Tuesday night, Oct. 1.

Barrington school officials concerned about bridge work

Barrington School Department officials are anxious to see how construction along the White Church Bridge, which starts on Monday morning, will impact student busing. Superintendent Michael Messore and Finance Director Ron Tarro said they have been discussing the situation with the bus company, First Student, and are asking people to leave a little earlier than


IT Director recommends East Providence Schools implement siginficant upgrades

EAST PROVIDENCE — The East Providence School Department needs to spend $1.5 million over the next few years to boost its still lagging technological support for students and teachers, so said City Information Technology Director Kelly Ahrens during her departmental update at the Tuesday, Aug. 13, School Committee in the City Hall Chamber. Ms. Ahrens