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Jesse Terry and Marc Douglas Berardo, with Grace Morrison

Jesse Terry and Marc Douglas Berardo, with Grace Morrison

Jesse Terry (pictured) is a singer/songwriter with an uncanny ability to weave tales of travel and homecoming, of sorrow and of redemption, into songs that are simultaneously timeless and fresh. Marc Douglas Berardo is the kind of hard working, fast moving, adventure seeking, keen observer who lives for the story and the song. Grace Morrison fronts


Session Americana in Tiverton

Session Americana is a rock band in a tea cup, or possibly a folk band in a whiskey bottle. This band/collective of talented musicians craft an musical experience unlike any other. On stage is a collapsible bar table wired with microphones, a vintage suitcase recast as a kick drum, an old Estey field organ, a


Harp guitar master Stephen Bennett at Sandywoods

Stephen’s harp guitar playing is the product of both mind and heart – intellectually challenging, emotionally satisfying, and both deeply personal and universal. Hearing Stephen caressing his great-grandfather’s harp guitar, sliding on his old National resonator guitar, or doing fingerstyle acrobatics on a standard six-string guitar, it becomes obvious why he is one of the


Jen Chapin at Sandywoods

Jen Chapin has been celebrated for writing “brilliant soulfully poetic urban folk music” (NPR) for over a decade, beginning with her debut, Open Wide, in 2002. Nurtured in and around NYC by a large family of artists, writers, and musicians, the roots of which have inspired her “potent, jazzy, layered folk” (Newsday) songs and a lifetime of passionate activism. She has performed on stage with Bruce Springsteen,


Nemasket Wind in Tiverton

Nemasket Wind was born out of friendships among musicians from the South Shore of Massachusetts to Little Compton, Rhode Island.  John Almeida (fiddle), Liz Sorel (fiddle) and Jimbo Wilson (rhythm guitar) have extensive backgrounds rooted in country, bluegrass and americana music. WHERE: Sandywoods, 43 Muse Way, Tiverton WHEN: Saturday, August 8; 7:30 p.m. COST: $12


Forever Young at Sandywoods

This is not your average cover band or tribute band. Forever Young consists of Rhode Island’s most prolific and best known songwriters, and they combine superb musicianship, great arrangements and a well-chosen set list of hits and rarities in finely saluting one of rock’s legends. WHERE: Sandywoods, 43 Muse Way, Tiverton WHEN: Friday, July 31;


Planet Zydeco in Tiverton

Planet Zydeco captures the essence of traditional rural-style, accordion-driven dance music as it is played in zydeco clubs and dance halls in southwest Louisiana. The Planet’s funky syncopated sound includes accordion, twin electric guitars, bass, drums, and rubboard. The rubboard, or frottoir, as it is known in Louisiana, is made of corrugated metal, worn like


Mark Cutler and Men of Great Courage at Sandywoods

Mark Cutler and Men of Great Courage at Sandywoods (Jimmy Berger, Rick Couto, Bob Kirkman, Dick Reed) combine powerful lyrics with memorable melodies and driving rhythms. Mark’s guitar-driven tunes are played and sung at every gig as if for the very first time. Come see why this gifted guitarist and award-winning singer/songwriter received the Providence


The Hillary Reynolds Band in Tiverton

The Hillary Reynolds Band invites listeners into a transcendent folk experience. The quintet charms with campfire congeniality, classic songs, and an astounding soulful and technical grasp of Americana. After four years, the band has risen from coffeehouse darlings to sharing stages with Norah Jones and performing at festivals in front of thousands. The band fuses