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Trash left by people who fish at the end of the railroad tracks on the north side of the bridges. "They don't have any respect for anything," said Vicky Newbold, who lives nearby. "They throw their trash, they don't respect private property."

Portsmouth neighborhood complains of state ‘park’ under bridge

Portsmouth neighborhood complains of state ‘park’ under bridge

PORTSMOUTH — Vicky Newbold has lived in the shadows of the Sakonnet River Bridge her entire life, in the home her grandparents built around 1900. “A town is only as strong as its neighborhoods and this is a very close-knit community of people, some of whom have been here for generations,” she said of the lower

Letter: Don’t forget to toll Pawtucket River Bridge

To the editor: The Pawtucket River Bridge was opened this week with great fanfare. I would like to remind our state legislators and Gov. Chafee not to forget to maintain this bridge. I would suggest imposing a toll on the Pawtucket River Bridge, like the new Sakonnet River Bridge, to cover the maintenance costs. Robert

John Vitkevich pedals along the bike path on the Sakonnet River Bridge shortly before 7 a.m. Wednesday morning. In the background, fellow protester Dr. Ron Marsh speaks to a reporter. Mr. Vitkevich and others are gearing up for a protest on the bridge's bike path starting at 5 p.m. Sunday.

Toll protesters to gather on Sakonnet Bridge bike path Sunday

PORTSMOUTH/TIVERTON — John Vitkevich doesn’t know exactly what will happen Sunday night when he — and hopefully many others, he said — will gather on the Sakonnet River Bridge bike path to protest a toll set to begin the following day. But he’s willing to spend a night in jail to get his point across, he said. “I’m

Letter: Sakonnet Bridge lighting design too limited

To the editor: In consideration of the Coast Guard restriction of the colors red and green being used for navigation, the effects (regarding the colored lights on the Sakonnet River Bridge) may have limited impact for special events and holidays. For example, the two most popular holidays have colors that are restricted: Christmas (red and


Portsmouth: Bridge toll illegal

PORTSMOUTH — Placing a toll on the Sakonnet River Bridge would be illegal, town officials told the state and federal officials in a letter sent today. The March 15 letter, signed by Town Council President James Seveney and Town Administrator John Klimm, is addressed to Daniel Berman, division administrator, Federal Highway Administrator (FHWA); and Michael Lewis,

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