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Man loses aerial drone over Sakonnet Bridge

Man loses aerial drone over Sakonnet Bridge

Here are some highlights from the Portsmouth police report from over the past week. Thursday, Feb. 12 A 68-year-old Fall River man told police that he had lost his unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or drone, which he had been flying from the Sakonnet River Bridge bike path. The man said he lost contact with the

The original Sakonnet River Bridge was built in 1956. It sits just north of the new span, which opened in September 2012. Photo by Jim McGaw.

Old Sakonnet Bridge not coming down this year

PORTSMOUTH/TIVERTON — Despite earlier indications that the old Sakonnet River Bridge would be taken down this year, you’ll have to wait until at least 2016 before the rusty green link between Portsmouth and Tiverton is dismantled. “We currently anticipate the demolition of the old Sakonnet River Bridge to be advertised by the summer, pending environmental permitting

Tom Ladd (left) and Scott Stipetic program different lighting themes on the Sakonnet River Bridge Sept. 10. They set up alongside the bike path at 1 p.m. and were still there nearly nine hours later. Photo by Jim McGaw.

About 25 lighting schemes programmed for Sakonnet Bridge

PORTSMOUTH/TIVERTON — Drivers have either been dazzled or bewildered by the colorful light shows on the new Sakonnet River Bridge. Well, brace yourself. You ain’t seen nothing yet. The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) has programmed specific color schemes for no fewer than 25 different holidays and special days throughout the year. RITBA, a

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Police: Man climbed old Sakonnet Bridge, took pics

PORTSMOUTH — Here are the highlights from the Portsmouth police report from over the past week. Tuesday, June 10 Manuel Torres, 41, of 11 Constitution Ave., Apt. C, Middletown, was charged with carrying a pistol without a license or permit, a felony. Mr. Torres’ car was stopped on West Main Road shortly before 10 a.m. after

Letter: Put a STOP to Sakonnet Bridge tolls

Editor’s note: This letter from the Sakonnet Tolls Opposition Platform (STOP) Committee was presented to Special Legislative Commission on Tolls at its meeting at the State House Thursday. To the editor: The Commission to Study the Funding for East Bay Bridges and the state’s transportation system is nearing the end of its session and is

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Portsmouth council sets goals for 2014

PORTSMOUTH — Fixing the broken wind turbine, improving the budget process, helping citizens fix their failed septic systems, getting a municipal court up and running and finalizing a plan for the Elmhurst property were among the issues the Town Council identified as priority items for the next year. In a rare Saturday morning meeting, the council

Letter: Citizens helpless against RITBA’s dumb rules

To the editor: Here’s how government can change the neutral citizen into a really peeved citizen. It started with the 18-year-old kid. During the Sakonnet River Bridge toll controversy, I’ve been a passive-lazy user; I already have E-ZPass and don’t travel the Sakonnet very much, anyway. Today I tried adding another transponder, for a new

Letter: Public access attracts trespassing slobs

To the editor: About the Hummocks story and public access park: While I feel empathy for Vicky Newbold and her neighbors, I can offer no hope for them. What has happened to the so-called public access, rights-of-way, on Aquidneck Island in the past several years is heartbreaking. The users (abusers, is more like it) leave trash