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Prudence Island School

Shady Lake and the Prudence Island icemen

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Roy Gustavus was one of the ice delivery men on Prudence Island.

By Marina, a junior at the Prudence Island School PRUDENCE ISLAND — In the early 1900s, before electricity, most people would use ice boxes to keep their food cold. Now, I know what you’re thinking: How do they get ice for the ice boxes if they don’t have electricity to make ice? Well, near the pond on […]

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Prudence Island students premiere ‘Defenders’ film Saturday

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A promo poster for "The Defenders: An Island in Peril," which will be premiered Saturday night on Prudence Island.

PRUDENCE ISLAND — When it came to determining a suitable audience for its students’ new film, the Prudence Island School wasn’t satisfied with the Motion Picture Association of America’s rating system. So it came up with one of its own. “The Defenders: An Island in Peril” is rated “AI” for “all islanders”: “Mainlanders require accompanying parent […]

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