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Portsmouth High School

Portsmouth schools cancel Wednesday classes

Portsmouth schools cancel Wednesday classes

PORTSMOUTH — No school, Portsmouth! The Portsmouth School Department has canceled classes for Wednesday due to the snowstorm. The department shared the news in an automated phone message that went out at 4:20 p.m. Tuesday. The snow and ice, along with the expected low wind chill factor during the morning commute, were cited as the

Letter: Portsmouth should still pursue ferry alternatives

Editor’s note: The following letter, dated Jan. 16, was sent to Portsmouth Town Administrator John Klimm. The letter-writer owns property on Hog Island. To the editor: Prudence Island is physically isolated from Portsmouth mainland by water and has many issues unique to them. The Portsmouth Town Council is to be commended for creating the Prudence

Prudence Ferry-Rich

Letter: Keep existing ferry service for Prudence

Editor’s note: The following text is an edited version of two letters that Prudence Island resident Marcy Dunbar recently wrote to the Portsmouth Town Council regarding Prudence Island Ferry. To the editor: I debated if I should write to you or not but after reading (an) article in the Sakonnet Times, I’m afraid you might

Prudence Ferry

Prudence panel votes no confidence in ferry’s commitment

PORTSMOUTH — In a vote that could ultimately influence decision-makers on their choice of a ferry operator into the future, the majority of residents at a meeting Saturday said they have no confidence in Prudence Island Ferry’s long-term commitment to provide reliable service. Prudence Island Ferry owner Bruce Medley, however, said the 25 people who attended

Prudence Ferry-Rich

Prudence panel to discuss ferry’s quality of service

PORTSMOUTH — An advisory panel will meet Saturday, Jan. 4, to discuss its recommendation to the R.I. Division of Public Utilities and Carriers (PUC) regarding the quality of service provided by Prudence Island Ferry. The Prudence Island Planning Commission (PIPC) will meet at 9 a.m. in the Hope Brown Center at the island’s Farnham Farm. The

Islanders are concerned that the Prudence Ferry operations may be disrupted in the near future. Photo by Richard W. Dionne Jr.

Affected residents want ferry service to remain in Bristol

Prudence Island resident, Edward Bishop, played host on Monday, to approximately 25 residents and merchants from Bristol, Prudence Island and Hog Island at Rogers Free Library where they discussed viable options that would continue the ferry service between Bristol and Prudence Island should the current owner cease operations. After reading social media posts and hearing