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Robt. Gray potholes 4-2-15

Tiverton pothole: “worst of the bunch”

Tiverton pothole: “worst of the bunch”

  Budget-makers deny $50K request for road repairs This pothole, twenty or thirty feet long by perhaps five feet wide, on Robert Gray Avenue, at its intersection with Main Road, is one of about 24 potholes left around town to patch, said Department of Public Works Director Steven Berlucchi last Thursday. “We started out with

public works pot holes

East Providence’s 160 miles-worth of roads could use some sprucing up

EAST PROVIDENCE — If legislation proposed last week were to come to fruition, then roadways in municipalities like East Providence could become much more pleasurable to traverse. The “Municipal Road and Bridge Revolving Fund” would be administered by the Rhode Island Clean Water Finance Authority (RICWFA). Funding the initiative would require a long-term investment commitment

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