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District urges Portsmouth customers to be water wise

District urges Portsmouth customers to be water wise

PORTSMOUTH — To mark Drinking Water Week, May 3-9, the Portsmouth Water and Fire District is asking all of its customers to join the District to help promote and practice water conservation in their daily lives. Philip T. Driscoll, chairman of the District’s Administrative Board, said every customer can have an impact by being water


Portsmouth meets drinking water standards for TTHMs

PORTSMOUTH — Quarterly water samples collected from February 2014 through November 2014 indicate that the Portsmouth Water and Fire District is in compliance with the state and federal regulations for total trihalomethanes (TTHMs). For 2014 and prior, TTHM compliance was measured as a four-quarter, running annual average (RAA) of samples from four sites within the water

A student from Portsmouth High School climbed to the top of this water tank on Dyer Street Friday morning.

Student leaves Portsmouth High, climbs water tank

PORTSMOUTH — A student left Portsmouth High School this morning and scaled a nearby water tank before climbing back down safely. “A Portsmouth High School student left the school and somehow got past a fence that surrounded the water tower on Dyer Street, owned by the Portsmouth water department, and climbed to the top of the


Levels of TTHMs in Portsmouth water exceed federal standards

PORTSMOUTH — The town’s drinking water has levels of trihalomethanes (TTHMs) that exceed federal standards, according to a statement released this afternoon by the Portsmouth Water and Fire District. However, at this time customers do not need to take any action such as switching to bottled water, according to the District. “This is not an emergency


Portsmouth water customers can now pay online

PORTSMOUTH — Portsmouth Water and Fire District customers can now pay their water bills online through several methods using the District’s new web portal. Payments can be made through a recurring electronic draft payment from a checking account or a recurring credit or debit card payment. In addition, customers can make a one-time credit card or