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Barrington school play canceled over KKK costumes

Barrington school play canceled over KKK costumes

A Barrington Middle School play was canceled before the curtain ever rose. According to school officials, students in the seventh grade Aqua Cluster were planning to perform a play called “A Place to Call Home” on Monday night at the school. But on Thursday afternoon, Aqua Cluster teacher Mary Roberts, who was directing the play,

Letter: Did Arts Alive! story need to be front page news?

To the editor: Shame on the Barrington Times for taking the negative opinion of ONE parent regarding the Hampden Meadows Arts Alive! play and making it front page news. Mr. Crosby had FIFTEEN weeks to remove his child/children from participating in the play if he had objections to the material. As a parent whose daughter

Letter: Arts Alive! would be wise to follow John Gray’s advice

To the editor: I read Paul Crosby’s letter to the Times about Arts Alive! elementary school Broadway revue, and the harsh ensuing attacks on him by parents, with interest. I thought I would share some thoughts on appropriate theatre in the schools from the perspective of having been the Barrington High School theatre director.  (Stagemasters).

Sowams School students rehearse for an upcoming performance of "The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley, Jr."

Barrington’s Sowams School bringing Flat Stanley to life

Students at Sowams School will perform “The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley Jr.” on Friday and Saturday nights. The shows are produced by Arts Alive!, a nonprofit that provides performing arts opportunities to students in Barrington Public Schools. The play, based on the award-winning children’s book “Flat Stanley” written by Jeff Brown and illustrated by

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