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Barrington teens break into home and party … again

Barrington teens break into home and party … again

It happened again. For the second time in four months, local teenagers entered an empty house in town and partied while the homeowners were away. On Friday, Oct. 25, police arrested four teenage boys — two 14-year-olds and two 15-year-olds — and charged them with breaking and entering a dwelling after they allegedly broke into

Police have arrested 13 teenagers who partied inside this Fireside Drive home while the family was away on vacation in late July.

Barrington police charge 13 teenagers in Fireside Drive ‘squatters’ incident

Barrington police have arrested 13 juveniles — all between the ages of 13 and 17 — in connection with the break-in at a Fireside Drive home in late July. A press release issued by the department on Thursday morning, Aug. 22, revealed some information about the case. According to police, the homeowners’ son had given

It is believed teenagers broke into this Fireside Drive house while the homeowners were away on vacation and used it as a party pad.

Barrington break-ins by partying teens is a recurring problem

Late Sunday night, July 28,  a Fireside Drive family returned home from vacation to find that someone — possibly local teenagers — had been using their house as a party pad while the homeowners were away. The intruders left the home in shambles. Old food covered the kitchen counters, empty alcohol bottles were all over

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Police: Teens party in Barrington home after family leaves for vacation

A Fireside Drive family discovered a disturbing scene when they returned home from vacation on Sunday night, July 28. The inside of their home was a mess — the result of some hard-partying individuals who used the Hampden Meadows house as a party location while the homeowners were out of town. Food covered the kitchen