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An early sketch of the Palmer Pointe affordable housing development.

Barrington resident polls people about Palmer Pointe project

Barrington resident polls people about Palmer Pointe project

A Barrington resident conducted his own poll regarding the proposed affordable housing development set for Sowams Road and found that the majority of people he spoke to opposed the project and the idea of extending a tax break to the developer. Dr. Ken Lavin, who lives in the Hampden Meadows area of town, reportedly polled

Letter: Barrington seniors deserve a better tax break

To the editor: On July 28, a news conference was held regarding the affordable housing project now proposed for Palmer Pointe in Barrington. Town council president June Speakman and resident Gary Morse were featured. Much of the conference centered on tax abatements offered to the developer of the land by the town and paid for

Letter: Barrington has exceeded ‘affordable’ housing goal

To the editor: Enough is enough. Barrington has exceeded its affordable housing 10 percent target guideline with 160 “approved” units in place and 490 “affordable” home sales since the 2004 Rhode Island’s Low and Moderate Income Housing Act. The town needs to take action now to ensure that home sales since 2004 that have sold below

An early sketch of the Palmer Pointe affordable housing development.

Barrington resident asks town to buy Palmer Pointe property

A Barrington resident recently recommended that the town purchase the Sowams Nursery property — the future site of the Palmer Pointe affordable housing development. The town solicitor reportedly urged the council to steer clear of that action, stating that it would be inappropriate for the council to interfere with a purchase and sale agreement, which

Barrington Town Hall, Barrington, Rhode Island

Barrington council seeks clarity on affordable housing tax question

The Barrington Town Council is seeking a second opinion on whether municipalities are required to offer a tax break to non-profit developers of affordable housing projects. Westwood Lane resident Gary Morse recently brought the issue to the surface, questioning the appropriateness and legality of a tax abatement a prior council offered the East Bay Community

East Bay Community Development Corporation's plans for the proposed development Palmer Pointe include 50 units.

Barrington Planning Board: Fewer units at Palmer Pointe

The Barrington Planning Board is calling for a reduction in the number of housing units planned for the Palmer Pointe affordable housing development. At its meeting on Tuesday night, July 16, board members listened to some testimony presented by experts brought in on behalf of the residents’ group CODDER 02806. After closing the public hearing

A Walker Farm home in Barrington.

Barrington resident questions tax break for affordable housing projects

Gary Morse believes in affordable housing. He just has a problem with how it is currently being managed in this town. The Westwood Lane resident said there are a few significant issues that concern him, including the tax break extended by the town council to the non-profit agency that built Sweetbriar in West Barrington and

Letter: Barrington can’t afford tax breaks to housing projects

To the editor: Since 2009, Barrington’s Sweetbriar affordable housing development has been provided a property tax subsidy that equates to a per unit property tax bill of approximately 1/4 what an affordable homeowner must pay at the Walker Farm affordable development, and about 1/6 of what those living in a modest $250,000 home would pay.

An early sketch of the Palmer Pointe affordable housing development.

Barrington Planning Board continues hearing for Palmer Pointe

The Barrington Planning Board will continue its hearing on the master plan application for the proposed Palmer Pointe affordable housing development. The project, pitched by the non-profit East Bay Community Development Corporation, would include 48 rental units on the  Sowams Nursery property, which runs from Sowams Road east to the Palmer River in the Hampden

Letter: Plenty of reasons Palmer Pointe plan could be denied

To the editor: There is a mantra among the few supporters of the so- called “Palmer Pointe” project proposed by the East Bay Development Corporation at the Sowams Nursery to misstate both the law and facts surrounding the project. The letter to EastBayRI.com and the Barrington Times authored by Dan and Tanja Kubas-Meyer  posted June