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Miss 4th of July Carla Braga became an official American citizen during a naturalization ceremony June 30.

Editorial: Braga represents Bristol, America

Editorial: Braga represents Bristol, America

People often confuse the meanings of the words “citizen” — referring to official membership in a governed country — and “resident” — which simply means a person who lives in a particular place. One would hope such an error in vocabulary is all that’s behind the outcry over Carla Braga’s crowning as Miss 4th of

Carla Braga was crowned 2014 Miss Fourth of July and Reyn Ferris was crowned Little Miss Fourth of July during the Bristol 4th of July Committee pageant Saturday night.

There she is… Miss, Little Miss 4th of July

In the two weeks leading up to the 2014 Miss and Little Miss Fourth of July pageant, Reyn Ferris and Carla Braga prepared and practiced together, paired as big and little sisters. On Saturday, May 17, the two stood together on stage inside the Mt. Hope High School auditorium — complete with rhinestone-studded tiaras —