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Portsmouth opposes legalization of recreational marijuana

Portsmouth opposes legalization of recreational marijuana

PORTSMOUTH — A Portsmouth High School senior threw his support behind a Town Council resolution opposing a bill that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Rhode Island. Council member Joseph Robicheau proposed the town resolution, which opposes a state Senate bill, S-0510, that would authorize the sale of marijuana to people 21 and older

Letter: What is the value of our children?

To the editor: Estimated tax revenue from the proposed sale of recreational marijuana in Rhode Island ranges from $50 to $80 million. For the sake of argument, let’s set the estimate at $65 million. According to data on InfoWorks, the Rhode Island education data reporting system, the Town of Portsmouth has approximately 1,113 children currently

Tony Caputi, a consultant with Greenleaf, hands out information about the medical marijuana program to Helen Darcy. Mr. Caputi treats several conditions with medical marijuana. In the background, Greenleaf Director and CFO Richard Radenbach also distributes flyers.

Tiverton seniors dig marijuana talk

TIVERTON — A sure way to draw a crowd these day is to advertise a free seminar about medical marijuana. That’s what Tiverton’s Senior Center did Monday, March 10. Braving the afternoon cold, 22 seniors showed up at the center on Canonicus Street to hear from two representatives of Portsmouth’s Greenleaf Compassionate Care Center. Most

Letter: Why legalize ‘stink weed?’

To the editor: I have a new reason to oppose the legalization of marijuana in Rhode Island. It stinks! Recently there has been a noticeable effort by some in the media, and in government, to enumerate the potential benefits to society, mainly tax revenue, that would result from legalizing the sale and use of recreational

Seth Bock inside the Greenleaf Compassion Center at 1637 West Main Road, where construction work continued Tuesday in anticipation of its expected opening by the end of the month.

Portsmouth seeks revenue from medical marijuana center

PORTSMOUTH — The chief executive officer of a medical marijuana dispensary that’s preparing to open on West Main Road estimates there are anywhere from 100 to 300 licensed marijuana “caregivers” in Portsmouth, many of whom pose problems for their patients. Seth Bock, co-owner of Greenleaf Compassion Center, said his dispensary will give patients who are approved

Letter: Face it, marijuana is medication

To the editor: So you’re having trouble wrapping your head around state law, Councilwoman Pedro? Regardless of personal feelings, preconceived notions or years of propaganda to the contrary, it is now a widely accepted fact that marijuana, a non-processed seed-bearing plant, is medication. Councilwoman Pedro, Larry Fitzmorris, The Portsmouth Town Council and Portsmouth Concerned Citizens

Graphic shows use of various types of substances by grade level.

Survey: Half of Portsmouth High seniors have smoked pot

PORTSMOUTH — The rise of medicinal marijuana centers and the recent decriminalization of the drug were cited as potential reasons Tuesday night for why so many high school students admit to smoking pot in a substance abuse survey presented to the School Committee. According to the report, prepared by John Mattson Consulting for the Portsmouth Prevention