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Letter: Portsmouth Prevention Coalition does good work

To the editor: There were a couple of letters written to the Portsmouth Times recently regarding marijuana issues and opinions on which the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition was referenced. Those articles were “Pot legalization is last nail in the coffin” by Kathleen Melvin and “Writer’s case against marijuana flawed” by John McDaid. As the coordinator of

Letter: Writer’s case against marijuana legalization flawed

To the editor: A recent letter by Ms. Kathleen Melvin of the Portsmouth Prevention Coalition asserts that legalization of marijuana would be “the last nail in the coffin” of Rhode Island, but bases her argument on religious bigotry, partisan politics and mischaracterized science. Referencing a story in the Providence Journal (“Church that uses marijuana to


Portsmouth opposes legalization of recreational marijuana

PORTSMOUTH — A Portsmouth High School senior threw his support behind a Town Council resolution opposing a bill that would legalize the recreational use of marijuana in Rhode Island. Council member Joseph Robicheau proposed the town resolution, which opposes a state Senate bill, S-0510, that would authorize the sale of marijuana to people 21 and older

Letter: What is the value of our children?

To the editor: Estimated tax revenue from the proposed sale of recreational marijuana in Rhode Island ranges from $50 to $80 million. For the sake of argument, let’s set the estimate at $65 million. According to data on InfoWorks, the Rhode Island education data reporting system, the Town of Portsmouth has approximately 1,113 children currently

Letter: Why legalize ‘stink weed?’

To the editor: I have a new reason to oppose the legalization of marijuana in Rhode Island. It stinks! Recently there has been a noticeable effort by some in the media, and in government, to enumerate the potential benefits to society, mainly tax revenue, that would result from legalizing the sale and use of recreational