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A recent hurricane lashes the Sakonnet Harbor breakwater.

Sakonnet breakwater damaged, no money to fix it

Sakonnet breakwater damaged, no money to fix it

LITTLE COMPTON — The federal breakwater at Sakonnet Harbor has been damaged by several years worth of storms, and the Army Corps of Engineers says there’s no money to fix it. Other priorities are competing for funds, The Corps says.”If you look at it over the years,” said Town Council President Robert Mushen, “the breakwater

Larry Anderson, shown presiding at the 2011 Little Compton Financial Town Meeting, now begins his fourth term in the position.

He didn’t run, but write-ins elect Anderson Little Compton moderator anyway

LITTLE COMPTON — By write-in votes, Larry Anderson is the newly elected Little Compton Town Moderator. He was sworn in on Thursday in Town Hall. No one chose to file as a candidate for Little Compton town moderator last July when it was time for office-seekers to declare their candidacies, so there was no name

Photos by Rich Dionne
South Shore Beach was severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy's storm surge.

FEMA tours South Shore Beach, other hard-hit places

TIVERTON, LITTLE COMPTON — With power restored to all but a few Tiverton and Little Compton households by the end of last week, officials in the two communities turned to damage assessment. It wasn’t pretty. Hurricane Sandy reduced Little Compton’s South Shore Beach to cobble and rocks, and little or no sand. Just last spring,