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An excavator moves a 5 to 8 ton armor rock into position on March 27, the first day of breakwater repairs. Photo by Tom Killin Dalglish

Crews rebuild battered Sakonnet breakwater

Crews rebuild battered Sakonnet breakwater

  LITTLE COMPTON — Fierce storms have weakened Sakonnet Harbor’s breakwater but last week crews began rebuilding the structure, one giant stone at a time.  Repairs began Thursday, March 27, on the Sakonnet Point Breakwater, damaged by hurricanes Irene in August of 2011 and Sandy in October of 2012. Under a $594,500 contract awarded by

The Stone House and barn are now on the market for $6.9 million. Photo by Tom Killin Dalglish

Stone House on the rocks; Little Compton landmark hits hard times

  LITTLE COMPTON— The 178-year old Stone House at 122 Sakonnet Point Road is up for sale for $6.9 million. It went on the market a little over a month ago, an upsetting turn of events for over a dozen couples with wedding receptions planned there. Its future is now up for grabs. The Little

Carlton Brownell on Oct. 8, 2009, at the entrance to the library which bears his family’s name, that he visited almost daily for years, and on whose board he served as chairman for 56 years.

Carlton Brownell: Little Compton bids farewell to its historian

LITTLE COMPTON — Carlton Coggeshall Brownell’s passing on Feb. 6, 2013, has become a part of Little Compton’s history. We asked a few of the many who knew him for a few Carlton Brownell memories (for much more about his many contributions to his hometown, see page 14) … • Beth Ryan, director of the

Little Compton power nearly restored

LITTLE COMPTON — Fire Department Chief Rick Petrin said Monday morning that power has been restored to “most of the town,” and that only “a few isolated places” don’t have it. He said he would be conferring with National Grid representatives early Monday for a more complete run-down of Little Compton outages.    

A recent hurricane lashes the Sakonnet Harbor breakwater.

Sakonnet breakwater damaged, no money to fix it

LITTLE COMPTON — The federal breakwater at Sakonnet Harbor has been damaged by several years worth of storms, and the Army Corps of Engineers says there’s no money to fix it. Other priorities are competing for funds, The Corps says.”If you look at it over the years,” said Town Council President Robert Mushen, “the breakwater

Larry Anderson, shown presiding at the 2011 Little Compton Financial Town Meeting, now begins his fourth term in the position.

He didn’t run, but write-ins elect Anderson Little Compton moderator anyway

LITTLE COMPTON — By write-in votes, Larry Anderson is the newly elected Little Compton Town Moderator. He was sworn in on Thursday in Town Hall. No one chose to file as a candidate for Little Compton town moderator last July when it was time for office-seekers to declare their candidacies, so there was no name

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