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Letter: Portsmouth GOP deceitful on taxes

To the editor: Portsmouth residents: Did you know the Republican party is deliberately deceiving you? I saw their yellow flyer in the Portsmouth Times last Thursday, stating my taxes have gone up 50 percent. Wow! What a great example of misleading, nasty political posturing. The Portsmouth Republican party apparently thinks I’m stupid. Anyone who tells

Letter: You can recycle cardboard. Here’s how

To the editor: Here’s a quick easy tip on how to recycle corrugated cardboard taken from the RIRRC “Recyclopedia”: Recycle in your existing, city or town-approved recycling bin, cart, or box. All cardboard must be flattened. We can accept pieces as large as 6 feet by 6 feet, however, check for local dimensional restrictions. Larger

Simple tips can increase recycling rate

To The Editor: Given last week’s news regarding the RIRRC’s reduction of our annual cap at the Johnston Landfill for fiscal year 2014-15 and the potential for significantly higher tipping fees, the Bristol Recycles Committee offers these 10 simple recycling tips: 1) Recycle plastic containers that are up to 2 gallons in size. Rinse, attach