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Letter: Affordable housing developers don’t need or deserve tax break

To the editor: On July 28, a news conference was held regarding the affordable housing project now proposed for Palmer Pointe in Barrington. Town council president June Speakman and resident Gary Morse were featured. Much of the conference centered on tax abatements offered to the developer of the land by the town and paid for

Letter: Barrington school play was a great success

To the editor: Congratulations to the cast and crew of Hampden Meadows “Broadway Rules”! This year, for the first time, I had the privilege of being a part of what I would consider as one of the most amazing elementary school play experiences. My daughter took the stage in the “Arts Alive!” production of “Broadway

Letter: Kudos to former theater director for his message

To the editor: Kudos to Joel Hellmann for his thoughtful, detailed letter regarding the recent play performed by Arts Alive! I am a Barrington resident and the RI Director of the Parents Television Council. The PTC is a non-partisan, grassroots organization concerned about the messages that children receive from the entertainment industry. I founded the

Hampden Meadows School students take a bow after a recent performance of "Broadway Rules."

Barrington school play debated — what do you think?

A Barrington parent has raised concerns about the appropriateness of a recent elementary school play. Paul Crosby penned a letter to the editor earlier this week, calling portions of Arts Alive!’s production “Broadway Rules” oversexualized, scandalous and unfortunate. Mr. Crosby, who has three young daughters, said he watched three performances of the show last weekend

Letter: An easy answer to Arlene Violet’s question

To the editor: I must admit, it’s bewildering to me — to say the least — how Arlene Violet, who continually sanctimoniously rails against RI Republicans, can mindlessly exclaim: “The problem with this state is that the leaders have little vision to be sure. However, the rest of the taxpayers don’t hold anybody accountable. Just

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