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Jan Malik

Shame on Malik and Felag, who failed us

By   /  April 29, 2013  /  Letters to the Editor  /  9 Comments

 To the editor: It is not often today that our state legislators have a vote that directly impacts the basic rights of a group of citizens; the current legislative session in the General Assembly is a rare exception. Every year since 1997, Marriage Equality bills have been introduced in the General Assembly.  Most years the […]

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Barrington representative says numbers back him

By   /  October 2, 2012  /  News  /  No Comments

Rep. Jan Malik said he's invested in the community, but isn't so sure his opponent, Peter Costa, Jr., is.

Representative Jan Malik is firing back at accusations made by his Republican challenger last week. In the Sept. 26 issue of the Times, Barrington resident Peter Costa, Jr. said Rep. Malik, a Democrat, had missed too many votes at the Rhode Island Statehouse and then pledged to miss no more than 20 votes per year […]

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Barrington candidate challenges incumbent Jan Malik on voting record

By   /  September 25, 2012  /  News  /  2 Comments

Peter Costa Jr., a Republican candidate for District 67 House seat, outspent his opponent, Jan Malik, from July 1 to Oct. 8.

Peter Costa Jr. is offering this pledge to future constituents: If he’s elected to the District 67 seat in the House of Representatives, he will not miss more than 20 votes. “You really shouldn’t miss more than 20, or you should quit,” Mr. Costa said, “because that means you can’t do what the people are […]

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