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Witch With No Name

The Witch With No Name is a perfect read for all ages

The Witch With No Name is a perfect read for all ages

SlimCricket, an app developer for children, has recently released a new digital interactive book – The Witch with No Name. The Witch with No Name follows an unhappy witch who has lost her name. Of course this makes for a very upset which who does not treat her neighbors very well. With the help of

Raccoon Rising now free on iTunes

Raccoon Rising is a vertical platformer with revolutionary touch controls designed specifically for the iOS platform. Co-developed by PixelNauts, this iOS action platformer puts you in the paws of the intrepid raccoon hero as he battles the invading robot forces determined to control and subjugate the creatures of the forest. Players will rise up against

Speed Racer: The Beginning coming to iOS this April

Social Games International today announced a partnership with Speed Racer Enterprises, Inc. as they prepare to launch a mobile game based on the classic, fan-favorite franchise, Speed Racer.  Scheduled for release in April, Speed Racer: The Beginning will allow players to jump right into the famous supercar, the Mach 5, and relive exciting moments from

Superplay Games Launches Sky Defenders for iOS

Superplay Games, an independent developer of social, mobile games, today released Sky Defenders, its second title for the iOS platform. Sky Defenders offers players nostalgic, ’80s arcade-era gameplay, modernized by the iOS motion controls and contemporary cartoon-style graphics. Sky Defenders is currently available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and can be downloaded on

Mass Effect Infiltrator and Mass Effect Datapad available on the App Store

Mass Effect 3 fans can immerse themselves even deeper in the Mass Effect universe with two new iOS apps, Mass Effect Infiltrator and Mass Effect Datapad. As part of the Mass Effect Galaxy at War system, Infiltrator and Datapad allow players to bolster their war assets and influence their single-player game ending in Mass Effect

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