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EP man arrested for masturbating in library

EP man arrested for masturbating in library

EAST PROVIDENCE — A homeless city man was arrested Wednesday, July 30, and arraigned the following day on a charge of disorderly conduct-indecent exposure after he was allegedly found to have pleasured himself last week in a room at the Weaver Library. Michael Dorado, 25, of East Providence, is alleged to have entered the library

Steven Alves

Indecent exposure suspect turns self over to East Providence Police

EAST PROVIDENCE — A Cranston man showed something other than money to an employee at a local coffee shop and has been charged for the offense. The East Providence Police Department Friday, March 22, reported the arrest of Steven Alves, 46 and of Blackamore Avenue, Cranston, on two counts of Indecent Exposure (Disorderly Conduct). Mr.