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One of many homes blown onto a roadway in Portsmouth during the 1938 Hurricane.

1938 Hurricane: Portsmouth never saw it coming

1938 Hurricane: Portsmouth never saw it coming

PORTSMOUTH — The morning of Sept. 21, 1938 started out like any other day, with no warning signs that danger was lurking right around the corner. “The day started as a very pleasant one, with no indication of what was about to strike,” Town Historian Jim Garman told a capacity audience at Town Hall Tuesday night.

This letter detailing the 1938 hurricane was recently shared with the newspaper.

Letter describes the hurricane of 1938

    Albert T. Stearns lived on Mathewson Road in 1938, and was at work in his Providence camera and paint store the day the ill-famed hurricane of 1938 rolled ashore in Rhode Island. Mr. Stearns wrote this letter to his daughter, Mary (Stearns) Chaffee, describing what happened in Providence during the storm and the