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Barrington resident Heidi Piccerelli photographed these two bald eagles as they stood on Hundred Acre Cove ice on Sunday, Feb. 2.

Bald eagles in Barrington — national bird seen on cove, river

Bald eagles in Barrington — national bird seen on cove, river

Bald eagles have been turning heads in Barrington recently. In late January, Sowams area resident Bill Gauntlett was preparing himself a cup of coffee at about 8 a.m. when he spotted two large birds sitting on the frozen ice of the Palmer River. He grabbed his camera and moved to the window to get a

Duck hunters stand in marsh grass on Hundred Acre Cove with some Barrington homes in the background.

Petition calls for the end of duck hunting in upper bay

Hundreds of people from across the state and beyond have signed their names to a petition calling for a ban to duck hunting in upper Narragansett Bay. A woman named Robin Pfahning started the petition recently on the MoveOn.org website. It states: “Stop duck hunting in upper Narragansett Bay. Gunshots starting in early morning and

A baby diamondback terrapin makes its way across a volunteer’s hands earlier this month. Volunteers helped transport 384 hatchlings from protected nest sites to Hundred Acre Cove in late August and early September. Photo by Richard W. Dionne Jr.

Diamondbacks dig out in Barrington

The last few weeks have been busy ones at Nockum Hill, as a team of volunteers helped nearly 400 diamondback terrapin hatchlings make their way from protected nest sites into the water at Hundred Acre Cove. Barrington resident Charlotte Sornborger has been working with the diamondback terrapins at Nockum Hill for years. In a recent

Alan Sorrentino thinks 500 feet is much too close for duck hunters firing in Hundred Acre Cove.

Gunshots kill Barrington cove’s quiet

It might be legal for hunters to fire guns within 500 feet of a house but if you ask Alan Sorrentino, that’s too close for comfort. Mr. Sorrentino moved to Barrington from Pawtucket about two years ago. The Knapton Road resident previously spent decades living in Providence and came to Barrington in search of a