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Joshua Ridondo

East Providence Vice arrests Riverside man on heroin, drug charges

East Providence Vice arrests Riverside man on heroin, drug charges

EAST PROVIDENCE — Members of the East Providence Police Department Vice Unit arrested a city man for possession of heroin and prescription drugs on Monday, Sept. 8. Joshua Ridondo, 25 and of 130 Halleck Ave, East Providence, Ridondo was arrested for possessing heroin, oxycodone, suboxone, alprazolam and clonazepam. Mr. Ridondo admitted to investigators that he

Jeriane Roman

East Providence Police bust Fall River teen with heroin

EAST PROVIDENCE — East Providence Police arrested an 18-year-old Fall River man on a possession intent to deliver charge after the vehicle in which was was traveling on Interstate 195 was pulled over for a routine stop. Jeriane Roman, was arrested Friday, Aug. 22, was arrested by EPPD Patrolman Ryan Vose. Officer Vose stopped the

Neftali "Papi" Reyes

EPPD Vice helps take down suspected drug kingpin

PROVIDENCE — Several members of law enforcement, including the East Providence Police Vice Unit, took down a suspected area drug kingpin earlier this week. Neftali Reyes, 32, of Providence, was arrested after police executed a warrant at his Park Row condominium. He was arraigned in Kent County District Court Tuesday, Aug. 26, on conspiracy to


Warren faces heroin ‘epidemic’

It’s no longer just a big city problem. Heroin has come to Warren, people are overdosing, and the police and Warren Town Council are taking action. The council will hold a special hearing Tuesday, July 1, to discuss the “epidemic” of heroin use in Warren and come up with what one councilor called a “comprehensive


State Police arrest two Fall River men following traffic stop on I-195 in East Providence

EAST PROVIDENCE — “Heroin Highway” continues to live up to its ignominious moniker. Rhode Island Troopers arrested two Fall River men for possession of heroin after conducting a motor vehicle stop on Interstate 195 East in East Providence Wednesday, May 28. Troopers seized 20 “bricks” of heroin (approximately 1,050 individual packets) Troopers stopped the vehicle


State Police arrest two for heroin possession in I-195 bust

NORTH SCITUATE — Rhode Island State Police arrested two Massachusetts men Friday, March 14, on heroin charges following a traffic stop in East Providence. State Police announced busts Saturday. The incident took place at 2:30 p.m. Friday when a member of the Lincoln Barracks conducted a stop on a vehicle that was speeding on Interstate


Police say Narcan works, but isn’t a replacement for treatment

EAST PROVIDENCE — While Narcan is effective, it’s carried and used by many law enforcement and public safety personnel, it’s not a cure-all, doesn’t replace necessary treatment methods and will ultimately not save lives in the end. That’s the message East Providence Police want the public to understand. According to the Overdose Prevention and Education


Heroin: An addict’s perspective

EAST PROVIDENCE — He swears up and down this time is different, that he’s on the straight and narrow, that he wants to understand and control his addiction. One of the East Providence Police Vice Squad’s Confidential Informants said recently his reliance on heroin, the worst of all his addictions, has brought it all to


Police fear heroin’s growing potency

EAST PROVIDENCE — Various reports on the death of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman due to a heroin overdose noted what seemed to be an exorbitant number of used and unused bags of the drug found by investigators in his New York City apartment. However, that quantity, according to law enforcement personnel, shouldn’t come as a